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Performance Savings Agreement

Properly maintained systems cost less to run and last longer. Become a member to receive seasonal HVAC maintenance, discounts, & more.
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How does starting a PSA Membership with Right Away AC save you time and money?

Convenient Scheduling
Guaranteed 1 Hour Response Time
Tune-Up Reminders
Trained & Certified Technicians
Performance Testing
Reports & Invoices
10% Off Repairs
No Overtime Fees
Air Filters for Life
Auto Investment
Every dollar paid is a dollar in your system upgrade balance. Save up to $2000 on your future HVAC equipment.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Better performance of your central air system.
Quieter operation of your central air system.
Cleaner air in your home.
Testing to insure equipment is operating the way it was designed to.
Lower utility costs.
Lower repair costs.
Discounts: Repairs, Duct Cleaning, Duct Sealing, System Upgrades.
Safety, Comfort, Efficiency & Health.
The PSA ( Performance Savings Agreement )
includes 2 seasonal system tune-ups.
Detailed AC Tune Up
Clean outside condenser coil with soap and water.
Check for proper air flow.
Clean level, test and calibrate thermostat.
Clean return air grille & replace air filter.
Clean drain line & pan.
Check for visible refrigerant leaks.
Filter change out.
Tighten all electrical connections.

Check breakers and fuses.
Test all wiring components and switches.
Test motor insulation & terminals.
Measure voltage and amperage.
Check motor belt tension/condition.
Check refrigerant level.
Detailed Heater Tune Up
Performance combustion test.
Clean and adjust main gas burners.

Clean and adjust ignition/pilot assembly.

Clean return air grille & replace air filter.
Clean the heat exchanger.
Clean chambers, blower, return, and airdrop.

Inspect flue assembly.

Filter change out.
Test and inspect furnace safety controls.
Clean return air grille & replace air filter.
Lubricate fan motors and moving parts.
Clean, level, test and calibrate thermostat.

Measure voltage and amperage.

Inspect & test transformers, relays and controls.
Want to sign up for our
Performance Savings Agreement?